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Happy Client Testimonials

Being under financial strain and never knowing when the next call about “You owe us this much. Pay now!” is going to come from, has seriously affected my life. I was going to lose it all. Then I came across Terrence’s number and gave him a call. His friendly attitude towards me made me feel alive again. He explained the whole process of debt review to me and worked out a payment structure that I could afford. He arranged everything. I did not have to do a thing after I gave him all the info he requested. I did not get black listed and best of all, I could breath again financially. I am now debt free, and have learned, thanks to Terrence and debt review, how to be financially stable. I would highly recommend Terrence if you, like i was, are in financial trouble and cannot see any possible way out. Thanks again Terrence for saving my sanity.

Best regards

Corne Roos

Thank you TCB DEBT FREE for the past 3 years of complete peace of mind. You have handled my financial situation with compassion, dedication and professionalism. There has not been one time that you have failed to return a call or sort out a query timeously. Terrence you are a godsend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will aways be grateful for your amazing help.
Fondest Regards

I while ago my wife and I embarked on our journey to sort out our large debt that was weighing us down. I was terrified of the steps that needed to be taken into the unknown, and had also heard of bad experiences that other consumers had experienced.  We expected the worst however after meeting with Terrence from TCB Debt Counselling I wanted to say an extremely big thank you, to you for putting us first and helping us through the debt recovery process.  We now have only 3 accounts left and then we will be debt free.  Words cannot possibly express my gratitude for all the hard work that you have put in for us.  I have been made to feel like an individual, even though you probably deal with many people on a daily basis. Thank you for the exceptional treatment and the help we received. Thank you for helping me make a positive change in my life.

E.I – Gauteng

I have never had such prompt replies to questions and problems from any kind of service provider.  I take my hat off to you Terrence.  When being in financial trouble your life can be affected so badly and can really destroy a person’s self-worth but having Terrence there to help made THE WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. I can’t tell you where I would be now if I didn’t have the wonderful support from you.  Thanks you for all you hard work and perseverance.

MM – Centurion

You can visit the website at, I highly recommend him, the service I have received from him has been outstanding and it certainly takes a load off my shoulders to work with him. I have been able to sleep at night since March last year and what a pleasure. Try their call center on 0861 628 628 (DCM in partnership with Terrence)

TN – Pretoria West

It is very rare these days to get such good customer care service. I went to another company first, where I cancelled my agreement with them because of the bad service I received. When I contacted you I was very afraid that the same would happen. Terrence, however answered all my questions, explained what was happening and kept me up to date on what he was doing.  I felt at ease and it seemed that I was the only client as he promptly replied to my queries. He has made a huge difference in my life during this very stressful time.  I feel very comfortable recommending him to anybody in the same situation.

LG – Pretoria North

Terrence helped us when our previous Debt Counsellor sat back, with their arms folded and we were about to lose our car. Because we were almost the first people that did debt counselling (since it was introduced), and we went through tough times and a lot of learning-curves with Terrence.  All you have to do is:

Be honest to yourself about f all your debt and admin that you are drawing

Don’t even be ashamed

Be honest and declare all your debt to your DC

Ask where will you be in 5 years’ time regarding your debt

Ask about sequestration

Remind yourselves what you can lose not following this route and where you will end up

Due to the financial changes in this country, at all times liaise with your DC

I have never driven a 2nd hand car, I always purchase things that I wanted, and never thought: “… do I need this?”.

Now I buy things on the basis of “do I REALLY need this or do I want this?”  the moment I “want”, I turn around and walk out. When I get home, I will get an envelope write the product name on it and in big letters “WANT”, this way, I have learned to save money if I want something.

I am driving a 2nd hand car today and very reliable….

The high and low emotions we went through, made our marriage must stronger, and our kids understand the difference between out of control debt and “necessity” debt.

We are debt free and starting to build our credit records again.  I have a small Teljoy account; but still no credit cards or any loans.


I was just divorced, retrenched and desperately needed urgent help with my financial situation.

I was referred by a friend and approached Mr Terrence Bartl of TCB Debt Counselling for advice.

He evaluated my situation in a very professional way, looking after my needs to resolve my financial situation.

He then drew up a payback plan that I could afford to repay my debt plan.

From day one he was very dedicated, understanding and supportive whenever I had any doubts.

It took me 5 years to pay off all my debt, my name was cleared immediately.

I could finally buy a new car to replace the one that broke down all the time and invested in my own property.

I am grateful for his guidance and support which without I would not have been able to do so”

Estelle Niemand